Students may check out:

Kindergarten: 1 book at a time

1st-3rd: up to 3 books at a time

4th-6th: up to 5 books at a time

7th and up: up to 10 books at a time

Books are checked out for 2 weeks and may be renewed if the book is brought back to the library.

Notices will be sent home for overdue books on a regular basis.

Please email anytime you have questions about if we have a book or a student’s library account

Please, no food or drink in the library.


We have a number of opportunities for community members including shelving, book processing, cleaning, and decorating. Volunteers must register with the District Office. Please call the library at 376-1565 if you are interested.


The Orcas Public School Library accepts donation of books in good condition, pencils, scissors, board games, and other supplies throughout the year to help us run our programs.